The concept of packaging bags translates differently all around the world. However, the globe can agree that good packaging remains unmatched. Good packaging will separate you from your competitors, earning favor in your consumers’ eyes. That is why many business owners make an effort to ensure that they have the best packaging for their products.

When it comes to packaging produce, you have to be extra careful. Why? Because the crop has to look attractive while maintaining breathability and cushioning against impact. For a manufacturer to achieve this, they would have to dedicate themselves to the packaging industry fully.

Legacy Packaging understands the need for great packaging bags. That is why we work with some of the best manufactures of bags for a variety of products. Our packing bags guarantee to keep your produce safe through its journey from the factory to the hands of the consumers. This is because these handy packaging bags have all excellent characteristics that should reflect on any packaging materials. Read on to learn about these elements.

1. Functional.

A good packaging bag is, first of all, functional. It should effortlessly to the job assigned, to packaging products well. The packaging bag should meet the requirements of containing the product stored within. After all, who wants a packaging bag that will spill contents during transportation, or once it hits the shelves?

Functionality is critical, and achieving this means careful construction and high-quality materials. All edges of packaging bags should maintain a tight seal, without rips, tears, or holes. Even the tiniest hole can turn into a rip that will spill your product.

Additionally, selecting high-quality materials is a big part of ensuring that your edges seal well. Also, if you choose quality materials for packaging bags, you reduce the risk of tearing under the weight of the contents. This is a common problem in produce packaging bags. It is not uncommon to see packaging bags tear once a few large potatoes get into the bag. Coupling precise construction and high-quality materials will prevent this.

2. Easy To Use.

Another thing that makes excellent packaging such as ours stand out is the ease of use. Ease of use shows that you are thinking about your consumer because it is frustrating struggling with a packaging bag to get your produce out.

Proper sealing is essential, but it should not go overboard. Hard to breach packaging is inconvenient to your consumers. Therefore always go for easy-to-open options that also offer proper sealing. Additionally, select packaging bags that are easy to clip or tie to store leftovers without the need for another container.

Re-sealable bags are a favorite among consumers, and you should consider them. Selecting packaging that is easy to open and even keep leftovers will help you gain favor among your consumers. They will choose your products over competitors for the simple convenience you offer.

3. Appropriate Cushioning.

From the warehouse to the wholesalers, to the shelves, and eventually to the hands of consumers, your produce will face a lot of threats. Produce is sensitive, and transportation could quickly leave it with bruises and blemishes. If it reaches the shelves with scrapes, bumps, and any other damage, consumers will ignore it is because everyone wants produce that looks fresh. Therefore, you must select packaging that will offer appropriate protection during the produce’s journey.

Cushioning of packaging bags comes in many ways. It could be biodegradable packing peanuts to absorb impact. Styrofoam also helps to achieve this, as does bubble wrap and foam sheets. Cushioning is essential, but it should not be excessive to fill out the bag, making it heavier and less convenient to transport.

Foam sheets are suitable cushioning materials, together with bubble wrap. This is because they rest on the interior of the packaging bag, potentially adding no weight or inches but effectively protecting the produce from external impact. You may have to pay a little more for this type of secure packaging, but it safeguards the crop, ensuring that it retains no bruises nor blemishes. This makes them more favorable in consumers’ eyes.

4. Customization.

Another thing you should look out for is the convenience of personalizing, because what good is a packaging bag if you cannot customize it? When packaging produce, you need to select packaging bags that are easy to customize. The quality of the material should help you with this. You should select packaging bags that hold prints well so that the labels do not slide off mid-transit.

Customization also means being able to include some of the quirks that help your brand stand out. Perhaps all your produce comes with a little note attached to the side or an easy-to-tear seal; whatever little things that tie the product to your brand should reflect on the packaging bag.

Again, customization means including elements that motivate retailing. Packaging should help consumers make the purchasing decision easier. Customization helps the packaging bag to connect with the target consumer. The proper customization will enhance the appearance and style of the package. This will, in turn, coax purchase.

5. Sustainable.

Lastly, it is always better to go for sustainable options. Plastic packaging that is easy to recycle is a great sustainable option. Additionally, bio-degradable packaging bags are great for the environment. These options could cost more, but it is a great way to ensure that you reduce your carbon footprint, something that consumers will appreciate. Alternatively, if you cannot find these options or are working on a limited budget, go for light packaging bags and do not promote over packaging. These reduce waste, making them a sustainable choice.

The Takeaway

Keeping all these characteristics in mind, you will significantly benefit from selecting packaging bags that show off your product. Produce purchase is all about what the consumer can see. Therefore choosing durable packaging that shows off your product will heighten the chances of buying from consumers. Selecting this type of packaging will also make it easier to incorporate breathability. This ensures that the produce stays fresher for longer.