Packaging machinery is one of those things you will need for quick and practical packaging. Packaging machinery helps to improve the productivity of a facility by making packaging transitions smoothly, thus cutting time spent in the process. One such device is a case taper. This is a piece of equipment you will find in various facilities to seal or close corrugates boxes.

We offer a wide range of case tapers from Eastey that maximize production efficiency throughout the packing process. There are many types of tapers we offer. The following quick guides should help you decide which case tapers will help improve productivity in your facility.

Why You Should Get a Case Taper

Before you learn about the best case tapers in the market, consider some of the reasons you should add this valuable equipment to your facility. Case tapers can:

Our Line of Case Tapers

1. BB-2/SS Bottom Belt Case Taper

This is a cost-effective case taper made from 12 gauge stainless steel. Its design is ideal for large run case sealing, offering excellent durability and reliability. The construction of this taper features self-centering side rails, a heavy-duty mast, and a rugged, industrial-strength bottom belt drive. The simple design of the taper makes it one of the most favorable in the market. It is reliable and keeps production efforts to a minimum. The adjustable rails and flexibility allow you to use the taper with different sized boxes, from 4.5”. The top and bottom heads are fully interchangeable, without the use of tools. It allows easy threading as well. This case taper is also very low-maintenance and is ideal for wash-down conditions.

2. BB-2 Bottom Belt Case Taper

The BB-2 case taper can tape cases of 5” and higher. It has an attractive open design, and its entity is made from powder-coated 12 gauge steel. The side rails are fully adjustable to allow flexibility. The unique and simple design is everything you would want from a case taper. The simple integration ensures that you enjoy low maintenance. The top and bottom tape heads are identical, and you can remove them without tools promoting convenience. The tape speed ensures that you can tape about 30 cases per minute, depending on the size of the case and the operator’s efficiency.

3. Easy Packer System

This tape is designed with the customer in mind. It has extended side rails and closing bars that help with the packing and sealing process. It also has a 48” anvil packing station. This intricate design grants the user a simple operation process. Just open the case and manually fold the bottom front and minor back flaps, then place the case on the anvil for filling. When filled, the operator will then push down and hold the top when the box enters the machine for sealing. This type of case sealer offers flexibility for packages of 5″ and above. You can make simple adjustments on the fly with easy hand movements. Since it requires no lubrication, you will have an easy time with maintenance.

4. SB-2EX Random Side Belt

This case taper allows you to run different case sizes without manually adjusting for any box. This is thanks to the modern design that automatically adjusts the side rails and the tape height for the different case sizes. The element is called the memory function, where the taper remembers the maximum and minimum dimensions of the cases taped, then adjusts accordingly. The design is therefore ideal for heavy, narrow, and small boxes. It is one of the case tapers that can handle packages that other tapers cannot. By eliminating the need to adjust between different box sizes, you can tape 15 to 20 different boxes. The machinery makeup features industrial strength 12 gauge steel, including powder coating to improve durability.

5. TB-2 Top And Bottom

This is an operator-friendly case taper. The bottom and top drives are great for narrow and tall uniform cases. These cases often weigh up to 85 lbs. The function of this taper relies on the four drive belts that work together to move the case continuously through the stages. The taper uses a dual mast with twin lead screws for better stability and adjustable side guides. This also helps to center each case, resulting in a straight and even seal. Overall, it is a fast and efficient alternative to hand taping.

Besides these five stellar options, we offer a variety of great case tapers for your needs. Check out our catalog of options and make the switch today. These tapers could be the ultimate tool to help improve efficiency and productivity in your facility.