The first impression makes the initial impact. That’s just one of the amazing things innovative product packaging can do. It conditions the mind of the consumers and directs them to a perception of what they will be getting inside the package. Thus, creating a lifetime impression. Packaging also communicates and sends brand messages to the target market. It justifies the price and creates a distinction of your product apart from the competition. Likewise, it elevates the reputation and image of the brand. So it’s important to find the right packaging bags for your products to ensure you are sending the right message to the appropriate audience.

The main reasons for packaging are product safety during storage and shipping and extending the shelf-life. But product owners and managers nowadays are taking advantage of packaging as an excellent platform for marketing. In fact, excellent packaging presentation and design greatly influence the buying decisions of many consumers. Some would prefer a repeat purchase of even the more expensive products, for as long as they come with premium packaging. That’s marketing in the works, and packaging plays a crucial part in the success.

Besides branding and marketing advantages, there are other benefits. Having suitable packaging can extend the storage life of perishable commodities. At the same time, preserve the quality of consumer items. So, it’s up to you how you style the packaging that will not only sell by itself but also preserve the product quality. In effect, elevating the brand image.

Types of Packaging Bags

Getting a generic packaging box may not be a good idea, even if you can save on costs. In fact, there are times you’ll end up spending more, instead. The extra space inside the box as a result of non-customized fit could result in higher shipping and handling fees. Plus, the additional cushion to dampen shock and vibration during shipping may add up to the total costs. There are also products, like perishable goods, that require sufficient airflow during storage. Other generic boxes lack the necessary features for optimum aeration.

That’s why it is best to customize the packaging according to the storage requirements of the product. This is vital in extending the shelf-life of the product or preserving the quality. When it comes to custom packaging, you have a variety of choices on the types of packaging bags.

Leno Bags

Leno Bags are an excellent packaging choice for agricultural products like fruits and vegetables. Also called mesh bags, leno bags are usually made of Polypropylene woven net or weaved fabric that allows air and light to freely pass through. Thus, providing sufficient aeration and avoiding mold and moisture buildup. Other Leno bags are made of strong yarn or glass fiber, sometimes permeated with strengthening compounds to support heavier goods.

Leno bags are best for packaging nuts, onions, oranges, potatoes, and other agricultural produce. You can easily integrate these bags into the manufacturing lines. There are choices for either wicketed or non-wicketed bags, depending on the processing speed requirements. You can custom-made Leno bags for the automatic filling to minimize the damage to the product while enhancing shelf-life.

Poly Bags

Poly bags are the popular plastic bags you’ve known for years. They are popular for holding various items like candies, clothing, grocery items, and more. Short for polyethylene bags, the use of poly bags remains a viable packaging solution due to its economical benefits. However, the growing concerns for green-friendly products greatly affect the packaging landscape. Thus, resulting in significant reduction of plastic use.

But, the MAXXAIR® Poly Bags have a solution for that. The brand offers a 100% recyclable multi-perforated Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) packaging. What makes MAXXAIR® good Poly Bags is that you can customize the air holes. You can design it for optimum aeration without compromising product designs or branding artworks. Also, they are also available in varying mils or thickness to suit the total package weight. At the same time, adding enough support and protection during shipping and storage. Poly bags are good packaging solutions for variable uses. They are great bags for agricultural products, such as citrus fruits and potatoes.

Film and Net Bags

Film and Net Bags are like Leno Bags with style. These bags are the perfect solution to merchandising display. You can go for the stand-up bag design for creative presentation. At the same time, add a netted mesh for sufficient airflow. You have a broad range of options for the mesh material. It can be made of CLAF®, a high-performance nonwoven and flexible fabric material with the versatility for superior strength. You can also opt for the extruded net. There are many combinations possible for the bag style that will test your creativity. These easy-to-carry stand-up packs will surely stand out among the products on the display shelf. Thus, creating a distinction from the competition.

Paper Vento Bags

If packaging cost is a critical factor, the paper vento bags offer a good solution without compromising quality. Paper Vento Bags are made of laminated paper rollstock. Some feature a vent view to provide a snapshot of the quality of the product. You can design them to run on any vertical form fill seal machine. With the right size and thickness, these bags can support as much as 50 kilograms in weight. Moreover, there are various choices for styling the design. There are multiple color options to choose from to make your product presentation elegant without spending more. Paper vento bags are suitable for light moist and dry products. You can use them for packaging carrots, onions, potatoes, garlic, radish, and more.

Which Packaging Bags Are Best for Your Products?

Choosing which packaging bag to use can be the most tricky part. The outcome of your choice may have a great impact on sales and the Profit-and-Loss profile of the brand. You should not decide alone on the operations side. Instead, there should be proper coordination with the marketing team. This is to optimize the packaging for branding while taking into account the storage and handling requirements.

In packaging potatoes, for instance, you may easily choose Poly Bags due to the economic benefits. But, if you need to make your products quickly seen on the store shelf among similar products, you may have to spend more on the Film and Net Bags or the Paper Vento Bags in order to stand out from the pack. But sometimes, creativity in design can come into the scene and totally change the gameplay. Thus, allowing you to use cheaper packages with great designs that outperform even the products with the more expensive packaging. In the end, the packaging is more of a marketing game.