Legacy Equipment: Packaging-Brushes

Legacy packaging offers a wide range of brushes for different uses through the utilization of premium-quality materials. We have created a functional and attractive line of agro-industrial brushes. We put in targeted manufacturing techniques to improve on every turn.

These agro-industrial brushes do almost anything, from cleaning to waxing and drying, plus everything in between. The goal of each brush design is to ensure that the job completes effectively. However, you do not have to take our word for it. Learn more about these brushes and what they can do for you.

Types of Brushes

We create a wide range of agricultural brushes for various uses. Therefore, these types of brushes on this list are tied to their unique functions. Some of the brushes we manufacture include:

Washing & Waxing Brushes

Washing produce is an essential step in preparing them for the market. After all, who is going to buy dirty produce? It is all about presentation, so you must ensure that every speck of dirt disappears.

Our line of washing brushes incorporates designs that remove all dirt and mud from the produce. The premium design ensures it reaches the hard-to-reach spots where dirt and soil tend to hide. These brushes are gentle on the surface of the producing, careful not to leave blemishes on the peel. Additionally, they will not peel the skin. With our washing brushes, you can rest assured that your produce goes into the bag clean as a whistle.

Waxing is a famous practice, especially for fruits such as apples. This is because apples have a high water content, and they quickly lose this moisture when exposed to the sun for too long. Therefore, coating with wax helps to prevent this from happening. It prevents the fruits from losing water, thus preserving freshness and size for longer.

Our waxing brushes combine functionality with a gentle touch. This practical combination produces soft bristles that gently coat the produce with wax, careful not to damage the skin or surface. Expect even application on each fruit or vegetable. The intricate design of the brushes ensures that only the right amount of wax goes on the produce. Therefore, your crop will have an attractive luster while retaining all the moisture content.

Cleaning, Peeling & Polishing

Some produce will only require gentle cleaning to get rid of dirt and mud. That is where our cleaning brushes come in. Built to be milder than the washing brushes, cleaning brushes offer a gentle touch that flicks dirt from the surface of the produce. The cleaning brushes have soft but functional bristles to provide just the right amount of pressure and abrasiveness for this function.

It is crazy to imagine that a brush could adequately peel crop, yet that is what our line of peeling brushes do. One of the advantages of peeling brushes is that they cut it close, so you do not have to worry about deep peeling.

Our line of peeling brushes has tough bristles with just the right of abrasiveness to peel produce accurately. The design will help remove blemishes from the produce, especially in potatoes prone to potato eyes.

Some produce benefits from good polishing. Fruits and some vegetables are more attractive to buyers when they have an alluring shiny coat. One of the easiest and chemical-free ways of achieving this is with polishing. We manufacture a line of effective polishing brushes to give your produce a final attractive luster. The soft, specially-designed bristles of these brushes are gentle, precise, and always get the job done.

Drying brushes and Rolls (Sponges)

As the name suggests, drying brushes and rolls help to dry the produce before packaging. Drying removed water from the surface of the crop, making it easier to apply wax or polish before packaging. We manufacture a range of drying brushes and sponges that effectively take moisture away from the surface of the produce. Consequently, our drying sponges and brushes will tackle hard-to-reach spots where water can go undetected. This ensures that the crop does not spontaneously leak water once packaged.

Brush Materials

We use a wide range of materials to manufacture these brushes. The differences in material help to achieve the various functions mentioned above. Our brushes include materials such as:

• Nylon brushes. If you are looking for something functional, you will enjoy all the attractive properties of your nylon brushes. These brushes offer excellent abrasion and wear resistance. This translates to long-use and durability. Nylon is also known for its low coefficient of friction, making it an excellent cleaning, waxing, and polishing brush. The lightweight nature of nylon makes it a great brush material and enhances ease of use. Our nylon brushes are color-coded to ease identification for washing and polishing functions.

• Polyethylene brushes. Our range of polythene fiber brushes is some of the best in the industry. The intricate design that incorporates polythene fibers strives to meet your needs. Expect excellent durability, effortless mechanical memory, and adequate water discharge. Additionally, you will enjoy chemical resistance and resistance to temperatures of up to 160 °F. Polythene brushes are also lightweight and offer unmatched flexibility to bend to the hard-to-reach spots easily. These polythene brushes are delightfully functional, and you will enjoy the convenience they offer.

• Polybutylene terephthalate. These types of brushes are the best for washing because they have a high resistance to high temperatures. This material offers resistance to temperatures of up to 175 °F. The dimensional stability of this material reflects on the bristles of the brush. You can expect chemical resistance from this brush. Additionally, these brushes are durable and retain mechanical memory well.

In conclusion, our line of brushes will meet your Agro-industrial needs. When you select our brushes, you are selecting unmatched quality. Additionally, you are signing up for satisfaction in the years to come. Therefore, the next time you need reliable brushes to enhance your produce presentation, look no further than Legacy Packaging. Our decades of experience effortlessly reflect on each of the brushes we manufacture. Soon, you will join our portfolio of satisfied clients.