If you are in the packaging business, you know about the industrial stretch wrapper or strapper at the end of the packaging line. These are two most common types of equipment that are ideal for saving time during the end of the line packaging process. With this equipment, you can increase productivity, efficiency, and ensure that the integrity of the load is secured to the pallet and reduce damage during transit.

Stretch wrappers, also known as ‘turntable stretch wrappers,’ are automatic and semi-automatic industrial equipment for stretch wrapping. Stretch wrap protects the load from environmental damage. Water and sunlight can damage products during their shipping journey, and stretch wrap acts as a physical barrier. In this same vein, stretch wrap protects from casual damage like scuffing. Stretch wrap also protects a load from damage during shipping in bigger ways. The process of transporting goods from one location to another is fraught with opportunities for damage; for example, trucks bounce over roads, pallets are stacked high and can fall, products are jostled, etc.

On the other hand, strappers are used to secure a load while allowing for breathability, or to lessen the use of plastic to ensure they are properly closed or contained. Strappers can be combined with stretch wrappers to band a load to a pallet. This equipment can be hand-operated, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. Additionally, they can use different materials for strapping, including metal, plastic, or polyester.

Legacy Packaging offers a variety of stretch wrappers and strappers for various packaging needs. Our equipment is designed to save you time, avoid wastage, and improve productivity. These are low-maintenance equipment that comes in different series. Keep reading to learn more about our top picks and which ones would be best for your needs.

Stretch Wrappers- Powered By Arpac

1. Power Series

This is a robust stretch wrapper designed for productivity and careful handling. The intricate design ensures that you enjoy unproblematic use for many years. It is designed from strong steel, with no plastic parts to ensure longevity. This also makes it easy to clean and resist rust. Additionally, it has a powder coating to enhance lifespan.

You will find a manual jog for the turntable for quicker execution. The turntable offers up to 12 RPM, delivering 20 to 40 loads per hour for maximum productivity. It has an electronic film tension adjustment control on the control panel to allow simple switching between tensions. Furthermore, you can pick from two wrapping patterns to accommodate different packages.


This is a robust, heavy-duty wrapper designed for large-capacity industrial wrapping. The design is dedicated to safety and functionality. This is evident by the flashing safety beacon you will find in every wrapper. You will also find adjustable bottom and top, illuminated LED wrap counters. On top of that, there is a user-friendly push-button operator control panel.

Because it is designed to work with heavier loads, you will enjoy chain-driven conveyors that can support up to 4,000 lb. It is also designed fully from stainless steel to handle the pressure of heavier loads adequately. Furthermore, it has a long-range photo eye for automatically sensing the load’s height. As for the film delivery system, the dispenser can hold 20” film rolls. It promises a pre-stretch capability of 150 to 300%.


This is a heavy-duty wrapping system for industries that handle heavy loads in multiples at a time. Furthermore, it is ideal for high-speed production lines that use conveyor belts. The specialized design focuses on increasing productivity while handling heavy loads.

The structure is made from industrial-grade stainless steel. This helps to handle the pressure of heavier loads. It also ensures that the machine does not break down easily after multiple uses. You will also notice powder-coating to resist corrosion and scratches. In addition, the machine automatically wraps and discharges the load without operator assistance, proving to be the ultimate productivity enhancer. And finally, for safety, it comes with a light that flashes to show it is in operation.

Strappers – Powered By Reisopak

1. 2903 – Horizontal Automatic Strapping Machine

This is a horizontal strapper that is safe, economical, and guaranteed to increase productivity. This machine will ensure fast and fully automatic quality strapping for a long time. The construction features high-quality materials to handle the pressure of various loads. This also ensures that you have an easy time with maintenance activities.

The strapper promises a production rate higher than 60 pallets an hour. For convenience, the mechanical tension is easily adjustable through a holding strap system. This ensures you get the highest tension and adjust from there. And finally, for safety, it comes with visual signaling for any present errors. This also ensures you do not waste any materials.

2. 2200 – Automatic Vertical Pallet Strapping Machine

This is a fully automatic vertical strapper with a unique design and layout that makes it adaptable to various needs. Moreover, it is constructed using high-quality European components. This ensures that you can use it daily for many years, with no problems. Also, you do not have to worry about intensive maintenance as it requires the bare minimum to keep working.

The construction features aluminum heads with tempered tension rollers for longevity. The adjustable clip system allows you to achieve high tension levels easily. Finally, the strapper comes with a seal cooling timer to improve seal quality. It matches safety standards, and your operators will have an easy and safe time using the strappers.

3. 2913 – Mobile Strapping Machine

Another strapper you will enjoy using is this automatic mobile machine. It is designed for horizontal strapping and is fully mobile thanks to the movable base. This way, you can move it around the facility to save time and increase productivity. In total, you will enjoy a production of higher than 50 pallets per hour.

You can adjust the mechanical tension through a holding strap while the compression system helps guide the load to the right position, so you don’t have to. In addition, this machine comes with a touch screen control that can store up to 10 programs. Overall it is a convenient machine that also offers visual signaling for any errors. This allows you to remedy the errors quickly and ensures no packages sustain damage from the errors.

Besides these tops picks, we have more strappers and wrappers to match your needs. Investing in one or multiple machines is investing in quality and increased productivity. Be sure to learn about our equipment and select the best ones for you.