How Do Strappers Work?

Net clippers and baggers are some of the most efficient equipment you could have in your facility. They eliminate the need for manual labor to bag various products.

The primary advantage of these machines is the efficiency they offer. They help to reduce waste when it comes to bagging and sealing. This is especially true for net clippers as they precisely cut the net, l

Net clippers and Baggers (both consumer and bulk) give you much higher production rates, less “give away” and tremendous savings over manual labor.

We offer a variety of baggers and net clippers to meet the needs of various facilities. Each of these machines has its advantages and maintenance needs. Learn about our top-performing baggers to determine which one best suits your facility’s needs.

Baggers- Powered By INTEC

We provide two types of baggers from INTEC. INTEC is a reliable manufacturer of packaging machines. They have been in business for years and boast intricate and functional designs for all their equipment. These baggers are no different.

BC04 Bagging Machine

This is a well-designed bagging machine with many exciting features. These unique characteristics could properly it to the top of the list of ideal bagging machines for your facility. With this bagger, you have access to state-of-the-art technology with durable and reliable engineering.

This large capacity bag filling machine is designed for fruits and vegetables of various weights. The design of the machine relies on the manual placement of the bags. However, they come out of the machine filled and stitched.

It has an electric system for control, which self-orders and adjusts according to the type of packaging and dimensions. The ergonomics work harmoniously, reducing the chances of downtime.

The manufacturers split the machine into two motorizations to allow quicker extraction of filed bags. In addition, this design optimizes bag placement times. Similarly, the design sees proper bag accessibility and visibility through the process.

The mechanics see stretching of the bag mouth, which promotes easier stretching, enhancing the entire look of the complete bag. Finally, the transport holder arms provide an excellent grip that gently places the bags onto the conveyor belts for the next process.

BC06 Bagging Machine

With this high-functioning machine, you will enjoy high speeds enhancing productivity. The machine can finish up to 15 bags in one minute. It is designed for a variety of fruits and vegetables, promising smooth and quick ergonomics.

Similar to its counterpart, the machine comes with a stitching function. However, the new design sees maximum accessibility to the stitching head. You can therefore displace the entire stitching head towards the outside to facilitate accessibility. In addition, this makes maintenance much easier.

Additionally, the stitching machine is precise and quick. It produces a strong and durable stitch after the bags have received enough produce. In the spirit of accessibility, the design also ensures you have a clear view and access to the bag as it avoids obstacles throughout the process.

The machine also comes with a durable arm system. It is fully adjustable to adjust to various bag mouth widths and lengths effortlessly. This way, it can facilitate bagging from 5kg products to 25kg products. You can expect over 1000 maneuvers per day.

Baggers- Powered By ILAPAK

ILAPAK is a strong competitor that has an excellent record of producing packaging equipment. Their designs are practical, easy to use, and designed for almost any type of industry. They have two baggers that have proven to work efficiently, improving productivity and lessening the chances of downtime.

Net Clipping Bagging Machine V2029

This is a net clipper and bagging machine integrated into one under-friendly machine. It is ideal for stocking various fruits and vegetables, including lemons, peppers, potatoes, limes, garlic, and onions. This is because it can package weights of between 1 and 10 pounds.

The machine works with net material, which feeds from a net tube. The net expands to fill with produce then the machine clips it shut. If it is a bag, the machine fills it with produce then provides a strip, either in wine-glass style or a single clip to clip the bag.

This machine has an automatic system that facilitates changing from one net tube to the other. This ensures continuous function, thus increased productivity. Therefore, you can achieve production rates of 45 to 50 packages per minute.

The design sees VFD control on all motors. This first enhances safety as everything starts and stops gently rather than abruptly. This also means that maintenance is easy, and you will not have to deal with problematic breaking.

Double Wicketed Bagger V3600

This machine is ideal for food safety, and you will notice this in the design. It is first made from stainless steel. This ensures that you deal with no toxicity. Additionally, it is resistant to corrosion and ensures maintenance is easy.

The color touch control panel has multiple savable menus to allow custom programs. However, we believe the main advantage lies in the bag pickup system facilitated by the cyclone (air circulation) opening system. It requires no vacuum pump but can pick up various bag sizes.

Bag filling happens quickly because the machine wraps the bag around a round opening, ensuring it leaves no gaps. This ensures no product falls anywhere other than into the bag. This function makes it ideal for produce such as grapefruit, lemons, oranges, and potatoes.

Final Thought

In conclusion, these baggers and net clippers will provide you with unmatched efficiency. Thanks to their designs, they are easy to use and require little training to achieve desired goals. Moreover, with proper maintenance, these machines will serve you for years. Just be sure to get them from reliable distributors. This way, you also get affordable prices.