Good packaging changes the entire perspective of the buyer. If it meets their needs, then consumers will favor your product over others. Part of good packaging involves proper sealing of the product.

You would be surprised just how much consumers care about sealing. Proper sealing is not only good for the consumers but also for you, the supplier. Products with proper sealing enhance their visuals, making them more aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally, it ensures that the product arrives on the shelves in one piece. Strong sealing is the difference between a sale and a loss. If the products come with damaged seals, the product is often tossed out or sold at a lower price.

Therefore, as you consider some of the ways you can improve your facility, consider industrial sealers. We offer a wide range of these sealers to guarantee an excellent finish to the product packaging. But before you can explore these options, read about the advantages of this equipment to make the decision easier.

Advantages of Industrial Sealers

They are easy to use. The name ‘industrial’ should not scare you into thinking that this is a complicated piece of machinery that will require experts to man. No, think of a small heat sealer and make it bigger and more efficient. These machines are easy to use, which is great because you can put any employee to operate them. With a bit of practice, your employees will get the hang of it.

They save on energy costs. Unlike other types of sealers, you will not have to wait for them to heat up. These sealers have a fast start-up time, and you could say they became instantly hot. This means that you will not have to wait for the sealer to become hot. In the long run, this will save energy costs for your facility, improving efficiency.

They are safe. If you are worried about safety, just know that these sealers have a unique design that enhances safety. The sealers are only hot when the system is in operation. This greatly lowers the risk of burns and injuries among employees, resulting in a lot of problems for you. Therefore, you can always count on being safe when you use this machinery.

They keep the product protected. Good sealers ensure that all the edges of the package receive strong and durable sealing. This means that your product is less likely to rip open while in transit from any side. This means that you do not lose any sales because of this problem. Additionally, the sealers ensure that the product is not exposed to air or moisture by sealing each space adequately.

They improve productivity. Finally, good sealers will enhance productivity in your facility. You could cut the time on sealing by hand with these machines. They are quick, efficient, and guarantee to seal more bags in the same amount of time as manual labor. So if you want to see significant improvement in the packaging process, you should consider getting these sealers in your facility.

Our Line of Industrial Sealers

We offer a variety of sealers to meet the demands of your facilities. Each is guaranteed to change the way your facility operates. It is important to note that all our machinery is top-quality, constructed by the best in the business. Also, if you do not find what you are looking for, check out our catalog because we have more machines. One of them is sure to suit your facility’s needs. Our top choices for sealers include:

Eastey Performance Series

This high quality sealer will give you the durability and function of higher-priced machines. It promises to increase efficiency while taking up little space, thanks to its compact design. These L-sealers can seal a wide variety of films, including polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC.

The machines are constructed from 12 gauge steel, promising superior function. They can hold weight well, barely require any maintenance, plus you do not have to worry about rust. As for function, expect smooth transitions and efficient sealing.

The machines have an adjustable tray to accommodate a wider variety of sizes. Additionally, it has heavy-duty film roll support, which also allows simple film loading.

Eastey Automatic Professional Series

If you have heaver products, you will enjoy the benefits of the automatic professional series from Eastey. The machines are made from cold-rolled steel. This means that they can handle almost anything you throw their way. In addition, these machines are durable and can handle the pressure of a high-productivity facility.

The design features a soft start infeed and outfeed conveyors. This reduces the shifting of products. You can rely on this machine for consistent pressure across the bar, improving the reliability of a good seal. Additionally, you will enjoy the film tracking wheels that help to keep the film in place.

Maripak Compack Series #5800i

This L-sealer is a sophisticated series designed for situations your primary considerations are small to medium volume and space. Still, you can expect reliable and efficient sealing every time you fire up any of the machines.

The design has wheels on each stand to allow you to move the machine to any place within the facility. This convenience will save you a lot of time and money to have invested in another device.

Additionally, you will notice the film roll holder. It enhances the packaging process of each product by facilitating easy slide, load, and alignment.

Maripak Semi-Automatic TMC Pro-#5844-M

If you need something that will provide you reliable functionality, needing no breaks, nor a lot of maintenance, then look to this machine. The standard design allows you to use the sealer for rugged and continuous operations.

Similar to its counterpart, the base has a wheel to facilitate easy movement around the facility. You will enjoy the safety feature in the design, which stops the machine once the sensor detects an obstacle. Additionally, it has an emergency temperature system to help reduce fire risks.

Furthermore, it has a post-cooling system for cooling down to prevent accidents within the facility. Overall, this machine will provide excellent safety for you and your employees while increasing productivity within the facility.