Packing is just the final step in transforming produce into consumer-worthy products. Bags, crates, boxes, and containers are some of the things used to transport and contain different fruits and vegetables as they journey to the shelves for retailing.

It is important to note that fruits and vegetables need special packaging for several reasons. For starters, produce packaging shows off the items. Buying produce is about sight and selection. Consumers will only buy produce if they can see what it looks like and it appeals to them. Therefore, ideal packaging bags show off the crop.

Produce packaging bags should also have appropriately sealed edges. This is because the weight that produce such as potatoes and onions put on the packaging bags could cause them to rip open, spilling the produce mid-transit. Therefore, all packaging bags should have firmly sealed edges to prevent this.

Additionally, packaging bags for produce should offer adequate breathability. Produce such as onions have a strong scent that could overwhelm consumers without proper breathability. Therefore, any produce packaging materials should offer breathability without compromising overall construction. Breathability will also help to keep the produce fresh.

You may be wondering which packaging materials will meet all these requirements. A wide range of packaging bags will show off while adequately protecting and preserving your produce. Keep reading to discover the top produce packaging bags.

1. Leno Bags

You will often find leno bags holding onions, potatoes, and other types of fruits and vegetables. This is because leno bags are strong, durable, and ideal for the transportation of produce. Also, they offer excellent breathability.

Leno bags have a specific type of weaving that gives them these unique characteristics. The weaving sees adjacent wrap tape twisted around multiple weft tapes to create a spiral pair that locks each weft in place. This weft is similar to figure 8 if you look at it down the length of fabric. This is the main construction of leno bags that makes them favored in the packaging industry.

These bags offer excellent breathability, and because of their construction, they also provide great tensile strength. Additionally, you can expect superior burst strength. Because of the robust nature of leno bags, they are best for packaging onions, potatoes, coconuts, raw mangoes, and other hard-exterior fruits and vegetables. Leno bags are ideal for automatic packaging machines.

2. Film and Net Bags

As the name suggests, film and net bags are net-like pouches for transporting fruits and vegetables. They are favored because they offer awesome breathability for your produce. They are also popular because they are lightweight, flexible, and strong.

Film and net bags come in a vertical form, making them easy to use with automated machines. The flexibility of the film and net bags make it easier to pack more produce with no risk of breaking.

Net bags start as individual strands of non-woven synthetic material or yarn. A special machine weaves the strands together to make a net-like stricture with a closing that can carry different weight items. Film and net bags are great for produce because they adequately show the product. Film and net sacks are ideal for packaging bell peppers, organs, garlic, and onions, to mention a few.

The original design for net bags does not offer labeling or customization. However, improvements in the design have made them easier to customize while providing the same convenience as net bags.

3. Paper Vento Bags

Paper Vento is a specially coated paper that has net windows. It is like a brown paper bag with a laminated interior plus a viewing window. Paper Vento is an excellent packaging bag for produce such as potatoes, carrots, garlic, and some fruits. Dry to light, moist crops can also benefit from this type of packaging.

This light and elegant packaging bag will provide your produce with proper ventilation. It will offer a clear presentation of the crop, making it easier for consumers to select the most appealing produce.

With customization, paper Vento bags look very presentable, maintaining an air of sophistication and attractiveness. The right colors and graphics give these packing bags an upscale look ideal for retail motivation. Proper sealing and construction ensure that the bag withstands the weight of the produce. While they cannot hold weight as well as net bags, they are significantly helpful.

4. Maxxair Poly Bags

Finally, these popular packaging bags are ideal for almost all fruits and vegetables. The unique design of Maxxair Poly Bags provides proper airflow, similar to net and film bags. Best of all, they are easily recyclable, making them a sustainable choice as well.

Essentially, Maxxair Poly Bags are made of flexible plastic film. The thin nature of the material makes it very lightweight. This is ideal for consumers, and heavy packing is an inconvenience. Because these bags are fully recyclable, they are beneficial to consumers for keeping leftovers and packaging other items.

Maxxair Poly Bags have multiple perforations all around the surface to improve airflow. This is perfect for potatoes and citrus to promote breathability. It promotes freshness within the produce and allows consumers to check freshness via scent. Additionally, these bags come in various sizes that can carry different weights without ripping.

Final Thought

For packaging fruits and vegetables, you need solid and easy-to-customize packaging bags. More than that, you require packaging bags that will attract buyers while protecting the integrity of the produce. Additionally, you require bags that display your products in the best light.

Any of these bags will do, and you can get them all here at Legacy Packaging. We strive to make your experience unique and fun. Expect nothing but reliable manufacturing of these and other packaging materials. We are careful to use high-quality materials and seal edges well to prevent spilling.

More than that, you will benefit from packaging materials that promote the free flow of air to help with freshness. Trust us to make your produce packaging materials at an affordable price, per industry standards. You can also get heavy-duty brushes to help prepare your produce for packaging after coming from the farm.